Beverage or drink is any liquid acceptable for drinking and more specifically meant for human consumption. All beverages, including juice, sodas, and other carbonated beverages, have some type of water in them.

An alcoholic beverage is normally known as liquor, despite the fact that, in science the meaning of a liquor incorporates numerous different other compounds. Non-alcoholic ones typically contain liquor, for example, beer and wine however are made with under 0.5% liquor by volume.

NANOSTAR(Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Biodegradable Water Sanitizer) serves as an efficient disinfectant in addressing the following areas of concern involved in the preparation of beverages like Aerated Beverage, Brewery, Distillery, Packaged Drinking Water, Juice Processing Plant, winery, Sparkling water etc. without leaving behind any harmful/toxic effects.

Air Fumigation/ Aerial Fogging:

NANOSTAR is diluted at a given concentration and fumigated using a fogging machine to sanitize the whole area. Some common airborne microbes that may contaminate the area are Bacillus sp., Varicella sp., Influenza virus, Variola virus, Rubeola virus, etc.

Areas of application:

  • Manufacturing area fumigation
  • Bottling area fumigation
  • Packaging area fogging
  • Finished Goods Storage area fogging
  • Storage vessels/container fumigation
  • Clothing and shoes fumigation
  • AHU Fumigation
  • HVAC Fumigation

Water Disinfection:

A recommended amount of NANOSTAR is added to water, making it safe for use. Some common waterborne microbes include Entamoeba sp., Vibrio sp., Giardia sp. etc. Water sanitation is ensured with this application.

Areas of application:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant sanitation
  • Cooling Tower Disinfection
  • Filtration water sanitation

Surface Sanitation:

A diluted concentration can be used to spray safely on surfaces, or circulated through pipelines or conveyers for an appropriate contact time. Surfaces are more inclined towards the growth of variety of microorganisms.

Areas of application:

  • Tools and equipment sanitation
  • Conveyer belt sanitation
  • Filtration devices sanitation
  • Clothing and shoes sanitation
  • Storage Vessels sanitation
  • Bottle Filling Nozzle disinfection
  • Tables, walls and floor disinfection
  • Personal Protective Equipment sanitation
  • Carbon Dioxide filling tank sanitation

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