NanoStar is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, multi-functional and broad spectrum disinfectant scientifically formulated using Advanced stabilized Nano Silver Peroxide Technology. NanoStar is a complex formulation prepared by a unique process in which nano Silver ions and Hydrogen Peroxide are mixed, bonded and complexed to give an oligo-dynamic, stable and long lasting effect. The Hydrogen Peroxide component ensures a rapid germ killing effect and the anti-microbial silver component being ‘Activator & stabilizer’ ensures that the effect is long-lasting.

Why Nanostar

  • Effective against most pathogens.
  • Long term effectiveness. 20 times more effective than Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Effective even in low concentrations.
  • No built up of resistance by micro-organisms.
  • Colourless, odourless, tasteless and eco-friendly.
  • Non-irritating, non-mutagenic and non-carcinogenic unlike formaldehydes.
  • Effective in wide range of temperatures up to the boiling point.

How It Works

  • Slices through Ribosome 30S and 50S and disrupts synthesis of Ribosome 70S.
  • The highly reactive hydroxyl radical is generated in synergy with Ag+ and H2O2 that disrupts and denatures synthesis of Ribosome 70S.
  • Has deep penetrating capability (penetrates bio-films)
  • While H2O2 breaks down into water and oxygen afterwards, minute traces of silver might remain on the disinfected surface. These traces are invisible and non-toxic but actively & effectively counteract re-germination.
  • Is Effective against :
    • Bacteria including
    • Virus (including HIV and HBV)
    • Virus (including HIV and HBV)
    • Bacteriophages
    • Amoeba
    • Fungi
    • Spore forming organisms

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